Marketing Operations Manager
About Avacash.Finance Avacash.Finance is the first deployed privacy solution on the Avalanche Platform. It aims to improve privacy and investments for users in the DeFi Space.
  • Being part of an innovative Startup
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote
What you will do:
  • Create brief, engaging content and copy across major social channels (e.g., Twitter, Medium, Reddit) for Avacash.Finance
  • Look for collaborations with other DeFi projects.
  • Plan and execute engaging above-the-line, digital, and social media marketing campaigns
  • Keep social networks active
What you will bring:
  • Advance English
  • Clarity about the concept of DeFi
  • Interest in Blockchain technology
  • Experience on Social Networks: Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Reddit, YouTube
  • Other Languages
  • Graphic skills
Write to @hanumancash on Telegram
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